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Produced and General Managed by Mark Rubinstein Ltd
UK Tour and Criterion Theatre
Opened November 2005.  Written by Simon Gray
'Extremely funny, excellent revival' - The Times

Witty, urbane, sophisticated and selfish, publisher Simon Hench is a man of taste and discretion, who is accustomed to keeping himself at a graceful distance from the messy distractions of his family and friends. He has a problem, though – well, several actually – only he just doesn't know it yet.

Settling in for an evening in his lavishly furnished home with his new recording of Wagner's Parsifal, Simon is besieged by a deluge of unwelcome visitors and his usually cool demeanour begins to buckle as life finally catches up with him.

Simon Gray's wickedly sharp, satirical, award-winning comedy is scathingly funny and makes for a marvellously engaging evening.